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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Term Sheets & Valuations

Term Sheets & Valuations

Term Sheets & Valuations
A Line by Line Look at the Intricacies of Venture Capital
by Alex Wilmerding

Term Sheets & Valuations is an in-depth book about the nuts and buts of terms sheets and valuations around the venture capital process.


. What is a Term Sheet
. How to Examine a Term Sheet
. Section-by-Section View of a Term Sheet
. Valuations
. What Every Entrepreneur & Executive Needs to Know About Term Sheets
. Valuation Parameters
. US East Coast Versus West Coast Rules

The book includes an actual term sheet from a leading law firm with line by line descriptions of each clause, what can and/or should be negotiated, and other important points to pay attention to.

Fundamentals of Venture Capital

Fundamentals of Venture Capital by Joseph W. Bartlett is a practical book, describing the process of raising VC financing. The author who has 35 years of experience, goes into much detail. Venture capital, banks, investors & angels, it's all covered.